Monday, March 12, 2007

Erik's Imperial Logo Hat

I used Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn True Black 1 Skein, Natural Cream 1 Skein
Size 9US Needles

Guage 24 st/ 28row = 4"

Rows 1-6: Rib (k2, p2)
Begin Stockinette
Row 7: knit
Row 8: purl
Begin Pattern:
1: 34B, 8W, 34B
2: 32B, 12, 32B
3: 30B, 4W, 3B, 2W, 3B, 4W, 30B
4: 29B, 3W, 5B, 2W, 5B, 3W, 29B
5: 28B, 2W, 4B, 8W, 4B, 2W, 28B
6: 27B, 3W, 2B, 12W, 2B, 3W, 27B
7: 26B, 24W, 26B
8: 26B, 2W, 1B, 8W, 2B, 8W, 1B, 2W, 26B
9: 25B, 2W, 2B, 8W, 2B, 8W, 2B, 2W, 25B
10: 25B, 2W, 2B, 3W, 2B, 3W, 2B, 3W, 2B, 3W, 2B, 2W, 25B
11: 24B, 2W, 2B, 3W, 4B, 2W, 2B, 2W, 4B, 3W, 2B, 2W, 24B
12: 24B, 2W, 2B, 4W, 12B, 4W, 2B, 2W, 24W
13: 24B, 2W, 2B, 5W, 10B, 5W, 2B, 2W, 24B
14:24B, 2W, 2B, 6W, 8B, 6W, 2B, 2W, 24B
15: Repeat ROW 14
16: Repeat ROW 13
17: Repeat ROW 12
18: Repeat ROW 11
19: Repeat ROW 10
20: Repeat ROW 9
21: Repeat ROW 8
22: Repeat ROW 7
23: Repeat ROW 6
24: Repeat ROW 5
25: Repeat ROW 4
26: Repeat ROW 3
27: Repeat ROW 2
28: Repeat ROW 1
Continue Stockinette until 8 inches long ending on purl
Begin descrease
knit 2 tog through row
purl row
knit 2 tog through row

*If I did this again, I would probably decrease another row but I had stitches so I stopped*

cut off substantial tail of yarn to pull through loops and seam

Click the thumbnail to view full chart


Anais said...

This is an excellent pattern; thank you for providing it! However, I have been unable to find a working definition for exactly HOW to "k2tog through row." Is that knit 2 together PER row, or knit a row, combining every two stitches?
Thanks again for the pattern!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Generally k2tog through row will always mean to combine 2 stitches with each stitch

Ellisen said...

Thank you, thank you. Great hat.